Whistlestop Rd 14

Our football season is drawing to a close as we approach round 14 today. Congratulations to all umpires on your efforts so far this year in what has been a difficult season. Keep working hard and supporting each other. 

Central Umpires: our focus this weekend is the holding the ball rule. Remember there are two areas we need to focus on – 1. If the player has had a prior opportunity to dispose of the ball and is tackled legally  then they will be penalised for holding the ball. If they immediately dispose of the ball correctly by hand or foot then it is play on.

2. If a player has not had a prior opportunity and they are tackled legally then they must make a legitimate attempt to dispose of the ball by hand or foot but they do not have to handball or kick it clearly. If this happens it is play on. If they make no attempt and just wrap themselves up in the tackle then it is holding the ball. If the tackler knocks the ball out when they tackle then it is play on. 

Boundary Umpires: our focus is throwing the ball in at a consistent height and then backing off along the boundary line in preparation for the ball to come back over the line. Make sure the whole ball crosses the entire line before calling it out. Our other focus is making sure we get to the point post to assist the goal umpire when the ball crosses the score line, especially close to the point post. 

Goal Umpires: our focus is our movement along the goal line to ensure we get under the flight of the ball so we can correctly adjudicate the score decision. Our movement is essential to our decision making. 

All umpires are focusing on working collaboratively to ensure we provide local football with high quality umpires who perform their role professionally and in the spirit of the game. 

Finally, please make sure that we are following our goal umpires advice regarding the times. They must keep track of the time and they will let central umpires know how long before the game is due to begin. Make sure you listen to their advice and follow their instructions.

Good luck today. Run hard and work well as a team. Enjoy your football and remember to the players the game you are umpiring is the most important game of the day, so umpire to the best of your ability.

See you back at Turtles Bar for a refreshing drink.

Go the Umps!!

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