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Today is round 15. Hard to believe another season is nearly over. It is really important that we all try to attend training and lectures in the coming weeks as we approach finals. We will be using lectures to fine tune our knowledge about the rules and expectations on the ground. 

Swearing and disputing decisions is creeping back into games. If a player swears or disputes a decision then talk to them calmly and warn them this will not be tolerated. If it continues then a 50m penalty will be paid and a player can be reported. If a player is reported for language towards an umpire then under the revised rules they will be sent from the ground with a red card. This means the team will play one player short for 20 minutes before being allowed to replace that player. The reported player is finished for the day. We as umpires need to crack down on the language and disputing of our decisions. 

A reminder to all umpires to ensure your name is on the pay card each Saturday. These paycards are to come back to the SFUA rooms and given to Gary Green or Hayley Breewel who will pay each individual. The paycards are being misplaced or found in the game backs that go back to the SFNL rooms – please DO NOT put them into these bags. If there is no record of you on the paycards then you will not be paid. 

As we approach finals it is imperative that we support each other and encourage our fellow umpires. We are all striving for the best possible Grand Final, but we are encouraging all umpires to make sure you are building your colleagues up, not putting them down. Your value to our association is not judged on the amount of Grand Finals you umpire, it’s the commitment you make to our association and local football. 

Finally, congratulations to Zane Osborne who was appointed to his first senior game last week. From all reports Zane did a fantastic job and we are all proud of your efforts. Zane has always approached his umpiring enthusiastically and enjoys learning and improving. Hopefully Zane will be around our association for many years to come. At the tender age of 16, Zane is the youngest goal umpire in SFUA history to officiate in an SFNL senior game. Well done Zane!

Good luck to all umpires today. Umpire well, work together as a team and remember to enjoy yourself and wear the SFUA uniform with pride.

Go the Umps!!

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