Whistlestop Rd 16

Welcome to another week of local football. Our season is drawing to a close and we would like to thank all the members for their commitment to another season. As we approach finals it is important that we continue supporting each other and working together each week as a team. 

Our IPod Shuffle night will be held on Saturday August 20th. Please see Hayley to select your songs to be in the running for some great prizes. 

A reminder to all central umpires that a memo went out to all clubs reminding players of swearing, disputing decisions and using abusive language towards umpires. If this is happening on the ground then we need to enforce these rules. If we are allowing players to treat us this way then it falls back onto us. 

A fortnight ago poor Gary Robertson was umpiring the reserves at Ouyen. The sun was causing him some issues, so he reached for his hat to gather his sunglasses to find they weren’t there. He quickly pulled down his cap to find he was still wearing his brown hat he wore to the ground. He grabbed the attention of Mick Breewel who made a dash for the umpires room to retrieve his umpires cap and glasses. No one was the wiser – until now Gary!

Poor Brendan Payne, last Saturday night came back to the rooms for a drink and waited patiently for the members’ draw. He finally left 1 minute before the draw was done. The first name called out – BRENDAN PAYNE. Should have stayed just a bit longer.   

Enjoy your game this weekend. Umpire well and work together as a team. Remember finals are just around the corner. See you all back at Turtle’s Bar for the members’ draw.   

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