Level 1 & Level 2 Accreditation

All running members are expected to obtain a degree of qualification to reflect their current performance levels.  Those members who have been nominated to complete the Level 1 Umpire Accreditation should be in the process of completing the online component.

As part of the accreditation members are required to complete the Level 1 Online theory component of the Level 1 Umpire Accreditation Course which can found at through Officials HQ

Once completed this course the certificate should be printed/downloaded and sent to our Umpire Manager Shane Garraway.

If you have previously completed the online component send through your copy & or make contact with the umpire manager so they can follow up your accreditation.

If you don’t have internet access or are having trouble the SFUA will be coordinating a session at training in the coming months.

Members who have nominated for the Level 2 accreditation should work closely with your discipline coach to ensure you complete all expectations.

Any questions please contact our Umpire Manager Shane Garraway.

Field Umpiring Important Information


Appointments are usually completed on a Tuesday prior to the weekend. This being the case it is imperative that you log in to Schedule and manage your availability prior to Tuesday.

Appointments will be sent out via OfficialsHQ Tuesday night.

Selection for matches is not based upon a “rotation system”. Selection based upon your attendance at training, your availability for matches and your performances.

If for one reason or another you need to pull out of your game on a Friday or Saturday please think carefully before you do so as when this does occur it is incredibly hard to replace anyone so late.


For all Senior & Reserves matches we want you at the ground 45 minutes prior.

Attire is semi-formal and should include the SFUA polo for senior games. 

Come to the game armed with 2 or 3 things you want to work on in the game.


Each year new rules may be implemented or adapted. Please check with your discipline coach for any rule changes that may impact you. 


Our game plan is the same as previous seasons. As the umpire, the ideal scenario is that we go unnoticed in a game. Those selected for premier appointments will adhere to the following:

Protect the Head at all costs – there is no such thing as a soft head high tackle.

Let the game flow – less is more.

Look after your fellow umpires, particularly our younger umpires.

Communication is your most important umpiring skill.

Enjoy yourself.


Be Your Best!

The SFUA strives to be the best umpiring association within the state.  To achieve this it needs to be able to provide those competitions it umpires with the best possible umpires who are able to perform consistently at the required standard.

To ensure that our umpires can reach this standard they complete various education/training in formal and informal settings.  Our team of coaches conduct lectures following training throughout the season to ensure our umpires are across the many complexities of the Game.

Information from those lectures will be posted on this page.

In addition to these lectures SFUA umpires are required to complete an umpire accreditation program through AFL Victoria.  Umpires should complete this once they have entered their second season of umpiring.  The accreditation process enables the umpire to gain formal recognition for their skills and ability through either a Level 1 or Level 2 Umpire Accreditation Certificate.  Umpires must complete a re-accreditation every four years to keep their knowledge up to date.

Please contact our Umpire Manager Shane Garraway to discuss your interest in completing the Level 1 or Level 2 Umpire accreditation.

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