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Working with childrens check – All umpires 18yrs old and over are required to have one. It’s free to get one.

SFNL Zero Tolerance Policy

2021 Member Agreement

SFUA 2021 Membership Form

SFUA 2021 Information Guide

Schedula – All SFUA appointments are made through Schedula.  Umpires will receive an email detailing there appointments early in the week prior to the weekend.  Members should ensure they check there notifications on Schedula and update their availability to ensure coaches can appoint you to matches.

2021 Sunraysia Football & Netball League fixture

Sunraysia Football & Netball League Website

AFL Sunraysia

2021 Laws of Australian Football

AFL Introductory Course – highly recommended for any umpire just starting out.

Introductory Boundary Umpire Guide

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