All SFUA appointments are made through Schedula.  Umpires will receive an email detailing there appointments early in the week prior to the weekend.  Members should ensure they check there notifications on Schedula and update their availability to ensure coaches can appoint you to matches.  You can log into your Schedula account through the follow link.

Match Appointments are usually made on Tuesday nights by the Umpire Manager and emailed to members shortly thereafter.

For any issues with appointments call Umpire Manager – Josh Leske – 0458 502 236 – We kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible so we have enough time to fill umpire appointments.

If you are not available to umpire (including specific time and or ground) – you MUST print your name clearly in the Unavailable Book provided in our Social Rooms or contact Josh Leske. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO THIS BY END OF TRAINING EACH TUESDAY.

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